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Kurds Suffer at Hands of Hussein (Detroit News - Special Column, Sept. 12, 1990)
"The Nazis Next Door" - Eric Lichtblau's book is the first history of the Nazi War criminal story to credit Chuck Allen as the pioneer Nazi hunter. Read Aviva Cantor's Essay: "Selma and the Politics of Invisibility" Daniel E. Gasman, Historian of Science (Nov. 18, 1933 - Dec. 19, 2012)

Gasman Archive
VIDEO: Dr. Mehler talks about Racial Silence in a small community suffering from a hate crime.

Why Race Science is on the Rise Again

After the second world war, the belief that differences between so-called ‘races’ are genetic became taboo. Now, with the far right resurgent, it’s back...from "The Guardian" -- May 2019.

Dr. Barry Mehler speaks of the parallels he has witnessed between the far-right network of intellectuals and the rapid, devastating way in which eugenics research had been used in Nazi Germany, terrifying him with the possibility that the brutal atrocities of the past could happen once more.